Commercial Composting

Convenient and clean local organic waste collection. Join a community of businesses working together to help the planet.

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We provide organic waste collection services to these types of business, and more!

Offices & Lunch Rooms

Multi-Family Developments & Stratas

Restaurant & Bars

Coffee Shops

Schools & Daycares

Events & Parties

Why choose Friendly?

It's really quite simple. We help your business decrease your carbon footprint, meet corporate social responsibility goals, and empower your team to make a difference in the community.

How it works


Custom built solutions to suit your organic waste needs

Create a custom solution

You will be provided with an estimate based on industry averages. We are fast acting and adaptable, providing up to 2 x weekly collection and a combination of small and large bins to make sure you have all of the tools you need.

Bin Cleaning Service

Ditch the pests and odour with Friendly's bin cleaning service, provided every single time we empty your bin.

Training and Education

Our team will provide in-person training for management and staff as well as marketing and education materials.

Payment plans

Pay month-to-month or save by paying annually.

Your business is unique and special... your organic waste management should be too!

Let's get Friendly

Tell us about your composting needs and we will send you more information.

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Commercial Collection Rates

Friendly bin with compostable bags
Small Bin Program
starting at
per month

The 'no-brainer, just start'!

Weekly Collection.

Sign up today and receive your first 11L bin. Each additional bin is $10/month for weekly exchange.

Ideal for: office and school lunch rooms, daycares, corporate events, luncheons.

Large Bin Program
starting at
per month

Holy guacamole - that's a lot of food waste!
Weekly collection.

Snag your first 120L rolling tote for just $45/week. Each additional tote is $15/week or $60/month.

Ideal for: restaurants, coffee shops, apartment buildings, large events.

Friendly Events
starting at
per day

Let's make your next event a Friendly one! 

Base fee ($195) covers set up, collection, and transportation of organic waste. Your first 120L tote rental is $45/day, each additional tote is $15.*

*Additional travel fees may apply. Contact us to build you an estimate for your event!

Note that rates may vary based on geographical location, volume, and
frequency of collection. We'd love to provide a custom quote for you.

Friendly Membership Program

Renewed Annually

Friendly Membership Fee

Small bin program - $50/year
Large bin program - $175/year

Membership fee provides your local business with marketing materials, social media promotion, impact reports, in-person staff training session, plus ongoing composting support and tote maitenence.

Thanks to our members we can continue to provide necessary educational materials!

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