Residential Composting

Please Note: 
We are no longer servicing residents within Kamloops City limits as of August 15-17th, 2023.
Sun Rivers and Tobiano residents - proceed to sign up!

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How it works

We make composting as easy as one, two, three...

Friendly Compost bin

1. Sign up &
 receive your bin

Our 11L repurposed compost bin will be dropped off the next time we are in your neighbourhood.

2. Fill your bin with food scraps

You and your family will pick up the composting habit in no time!  Simply refer to your Welcome Card for our Acceptable Items list.

Food scraps beside Friendly Compost bin
Friendly team member cleaning compost bin at sink

3. Bin swapped for a clean one
every week

Place your full compost bin outside on the SAME DAY every week!

Yes, it's as simple as that. No fuss, no muss!


BONUS: Local Food Delivery

Double your impact by shopping local.
Visit the Friendly shop to place an order by Sundays at midnight. Freshly baked bread, organic meat, seasonal vegetables AND SO MORE, are delivered every week with your clean compost bin.

Friendly team member holding fresh loaf of sourdough bread
Accessible and affordable compost solutions

Residential Rates

Friendly bin with compostable bags
One Bin Weekly
base plan
per month

Sign up today and receive your first 11L bin, exchanged weekly.

Ideal for: single occupancy homes, couples, or small families.

Additional Weekly Bin
per month

Each additional residential bin is $10/month for weekly exchange.
Ideal for: large families, and avid veggie-heads.

Rural Rates
starting at
per month

One bin weekly.

Rural Communities include:
Sun Peaks
Heffley Creek

Contact us if you do not see your area listed.

One-Time Membership Fee
added to your first invoice

Your one-time membership fee covers your bin rental, Welcome Card, account on-boarding, and 30 compost bags.

Thanks to our members we can continue to provide necessary materials to start your composting journey!

Please note: 
Rates may vary based on geographical location, volume, and
frequency of collection.


Acceptable Items

Acceptable Compostable Items List

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see my community listed. What are my options?

We would LOVE to get more communities composting. Contacts to work on a composting solution together.

What day is my pick up day?

We chose the three most stable days of the week - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Never impacted by holidays - your compost day remains the same EVERY WEEK.

What size are the bins?

Our residential bins are 11L! We offer additional bins for $10/month.

What communities do we service?

Sun Rivers
Heffley Creek
Sun Peaks

How will this change my household garbage?

You will have considerably less garbage (up to 60%) AND your garbage will be less smelly! When you find you're not filling your garbage can as much as your used to downgrade the size of your bin to save some $ *link to resource page to downgrade bin*

What happens if I have overflow?

We were happy to take your overflow free of charge for ONE week, however; going forward there will be a $5 fee each time you have overflow.
If you are anticipating overflow more frequently, we suggest you switch to our 2-bin weekly subscription for only $10 additional per month. If you know you have overflow we would love a heads-up - please email us 24 hours before your pick up day. Our drivers only have limited vehicle space, and this helps us plan our routes better.


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