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Organic Waste Services:
 The Friendly Way

Custom Solutions

Every event is unique and special, so why shouldn't your waste services? We use a mix of small and large compost bins, recycling, and garbage bins to ensure no waste is left behind!

Education & Resources

Our team will provide posters, social media and email templates to help ensure your guests utilize our services.

Happy Guests

You bet your guests will be happy to see our Friendly bins and feel proud knowing their waste will be disposed of sustainably.

Impact Reporting

We will provide you with weight of organic waste diverted and equivalent environmental impact so you can share with your community! Go ahead, BRAG!

Always Friendly, service with a smile.

Hire on-site waste station attendants

Let us take care of the nitty-gritty. You simply enjoy your fantastic, zero-waste party!

Affordable and accessible is the name of the game.

Event Rates

Bin Rentals:
$45/day + 5% GST - 1 x 120L rolling tote
$15/day + 5% - 1 x 11L bin

Small Bin Service:
Daily rate $75 + 5% GST.

Daily Rate includes delivery, set up, and disposal of up to 3 x 11L compost bins, 3 extra compostable bags, and 2 acceptable items posters.
Additional 11L bin rental - $5/day.
Overflow fee $10/bag.

Large Bin Service: 
Daily rate - $245 + 5% GST.
Daily Rate includes delivery, set up, and disposal of 1 x 120L rolling tote, 2 extra compostable bags, and 5 acceptable items posters.
Additional 120L bin rental - $15/day.
Overflow fee $25/bag.

On-Site Attendants:
$50/hr per attendant.
Additional $25/hr per attendant on Stat Holidays.

See FAQ's below for more info.




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MJB Lawyers

[We value] reducing garbage, supporting local, supporting our farmers, reducing environmental impact

Abbott Wealth Management

We love the educational content, keep up the great work!

Aberdeen Mall

On-boarding was quick and easy. [We] believe organics recycling is important part of our business in order to reduce landfill space, & environmental impact.

Gateway Childcare Centre

Composting has fit in very well at our childcare centre [and] geared towards the children to enlighten them even more around composting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be required to handle any waste?

It is your responsibility to inform your guests of proper use of the organics bins, and follow the acceptable items list to the best of their abilities to ensure no contaminants (ie. plastics, glass, or metal) are put in the compost bins. Friendly will provide acceptable items posters to ensure bins are clearly marked. You may be required to remove any contaminants throughout the event. We suggest you check the bins regularly. If you're still worried - hire the Friendly team to attend - we'll take care of it all!

What if we fill our bin and have overflow?

The Friendly team will leave you extra compostable bags for any extra organic waste. There is an overflow fee of $10/bag (small) and $25/bag (large). If you are unsure, it's best to rent one extra bin ($5 small/day or $15 large/day) just to be sure.

I won't be able to manage a waste station at my event. What are my options?

If you feel that you cannot designate and/or clearly mark a waste area for your event. You can hire the Friendly team to provide on-site attendants ($50/hr per attendant) who will help guide your guests to the correct bin and even sort the waste into proper waste bins to ensure successful waste diversion.

What if I need the bins for multiple days?

Our daily event fee ($75 or $200) covers set up, and collection/disposal, once. Compost bins can be rented for multiple days, however if you require bins to be replenished each day you will be charged additional daily rates.

What if my bin/posters are lost, damaged, or stolen?

There is a standard $50 and $100 damage deposit taken on all rentals (small and large, respectively). If bins/posters are lost or stolen, there will be no refund on damage deposit. Damage will be treated on a case by case basis. Contact Friendly as soon as possible if this situation arises.

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