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Friendly Composting will pick up your organic waste in Kamloops, and you can't beet that

When you’re stuck indoors longterm, a build up of smelly compost in your home is the last thing you need. If you're in this pickle, we have the good news you've bean waiting for.

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It's not easy being green, but Friendly Composting is up for the challenge

This composting company has created a full-circle business model to collect organic waste and deliver locally grown food to replenish your fridge.

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Friendly Composting coming to Sun Peaks

Composting options will be available this spring, but the organization is still sorting out details

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see my community listed. What are my options?

We would LOVE to get more communities composting. Contacts to work on a composting solution together.

What day is my pick up day?


North Shore
Sun Rivers
SunPeaksHeffley CreekWhitecroftThursdayValleyviewRose HillDallasCampbell CreekTobiano

What size are the bins?

Our residential bins are 11L! We offer additional bins for $10/month.

What communities do we service?

ink to service areas or just show service areas here

How will this change my household garbage?

You will have considerably less garbage (up to 60%) AND your garbage will be less smelly! When you find you're not filling your garbage can as much as your used to downgrade the size of your bin to save some $ *link to resource page to downgrade bin*